Art Enrichment
“I encourage everyone to select their favorite Biblical passage, take out a piece of paper and a pen or pencil or crayon, and write it out by hand. You will be amazed at how meaningful it will become for you.”
Donald Jackson
  • St.John's Grade School
  • School of Genesis
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Regional School
  • School of Genesis, Brooklyn, New York

    My students who are sixth graders are studying the Hebrew Scriptures. They have just recently completed their study of the Middle Ages. We discussed Biblical illumination and I asked them to select a favorite biblical verse, write it out and illuminate it.

    Art by Sonja Heiles
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    Diane Botta
    Vincent DiForte
    Katie Drew
    Alicia Guzzone-Cash
    Jason Gabriel

    John Gavin
    Darci Grasso
    Marina Grimaldi
    Catherine Garvin
    Amanda Keavery

    Michael McErlaine
    Matthew Pynn
    Anthony Ramierez
    Katherine Samuel
    Nicholas Santangelo

    Ashley Shaw
    Max Toti
    Travis Stanislaus