From Inspiration to Illumination:
an Introduction to The Saint John's Bible

Through video, reproduction and a PowerPoint presentation, participants are guided through the story of The Saint John’s Bible. You will learn about the processes, tools, methods and materials behind the making of The Saint John’s Bible, as well as explore several artworks through guided imagery discussions. Participants also get to handle vellum samples and a quill, and see larger reproductions of several pages or an entire volume after the presentation. This presentation can be customized to focus on a specific volume or set of illuminations. (See Reproduction Book Loan.)

Time: 60-90 minutes
Group size: Limited only by the size of the room.
Host site provides: Presentation space, a large (10 foot minimum) projection screen, 1-2 eight foot tables, a low cart for the computer and projector, cordless lapel microphone (for large room). The presentation space must be able to be made dark for projection. 
Cost: For offsite presentations, a minimum of a $200 honorarium to the project is required, plus all mileage and other expenses incurred by the presenter as necessary.

For more information, contact Tim Ternes at 320-363-3351 or