Day of Immersion

The staff of The Saint John’s Bible will help you to plan a full day retreat which will immerse participants in the art and story of The Saint John’s Bible. When appropriate, the day of programming can be tailored around a certain theme (Lent, Advent, Wisdom, etc.) or volume of the Bible. The Day of Immersion is ideal for parishes, congregations, or ecumenical groups.

Click here to view a sample schedule and details of a possible scenario.

Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. recommended. See sample schedule
Group size: 50 – 60 participants
Cost: For offsite presentations, a minimum of a $500 honorarium to the project is required, plus all mileage and other expenses incurred by the presenter as necessary.
Host site plans and presents prayer services for this day. 

For more information, contact Tim Ternes at 320-363-3351 or