Book Arts Fair

Host an open house for your library, gallery, college, school or congregation to explore the many aspects of The Saint John’s Bible. Our staff will work with you to plan an event that will immerse your group in the sights and sounds of The Saint John’s Bible. In addition to self-guided exhibits, presenters and local artists can be engaged to offer brief explanations and demonstrate techniques.

An Arts Fair may include:

  • Video viewing area with looped video of the 10-minute introduction, In the Beginning, playing continuously
  • Framed images with educational text
  • Tools photo display
  • Vellum samples
  • Quill samples
  • Gilding materials
  • Handwriting sample page
  • Full-size facsimile copies of Gospels and Acts, Pentateuch and Psalms
  • Scribe demonstrations
  • Gilding and ink preparation demonstrations
  • Hands-on activity writing with quills


Time: Three-four hours recommended
Audience Size: Unlimited
Cost: A minimum of a $500 honorarium to the Bible project is required, plus mileage and other costs for presenters, and stipends for calligraphy artists.

Limited to within a 150 mile radius of Collegeville, Minnesota. A large number of volunteers is needed for this event. 

For more information, contact Tim Ternes at 320-363-3351 or tternes@csbsju.edu.