“The illuminations are not illustrations. They are spiritual meditations on a text. It is a very Benedictine approach to Scriptures.”
Fr. Michael Patella, OSB,
Chair of the Committee on Illumination and Text

Before any page was written, a number of decisions were made about the very words themselves and how to represent them in text and illumination. What to emphasize? How to represent the divine? These decisions—from what translation to use to what size page to allocate to a particular illumination—are guided by a set of principles and careful consideration about the themes.

At Saint John’s University, a committee of artists, medievalists, theologians, biblical scholars and art historians called the Committee on Illumination and Text reflect on each of the volumes before they are written. This team provides the background material and plan that guide the illuminations and text treatments in The Saint John’s Bible.

Explore this important aspect of the making of The Saint John's Bible.