Carol Marrin
Founding Director

Carol Marrin holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and a master's degree from St. Thomas University.  She became the director of The Saint John’s Bible in September 2000, after serving as the director of bookstores for Saint John’s University and College of Saint Benedict.  While in the bookstores, she served on the Bible planning task force in early 1998, and then as chair of the Bible Council in 1998-1999.  Her role as director included working closely with Donald Jackson, artistic director for the project and the CIT.

Carol’s strong gifts in working and inspiring others as well as organization were paramount as she took on the many roles and tasks of the Bible project.  Her work included the day-to-day operations of the project along with planning for a BBC Bible documentary, the first exhibition of The Saint John’s Bible at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts along with  its national and international tour. Her previous work in the university book stores proved quite helpful as she managed publishing and licensing contracts for reproductions of The Saint John’s Bible as well as negotiating contracts with the artists.  Carol’s leadership and skills made the work of all others in the project possible. Sadly, Carol passed away in 2011 just as the project was completed; she knew Donald Jackson had finished the final folios, but she did not have the chance to see them in person.   

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