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“This generous gift will inspire students of religious studies to a deeper understanding of the sacred words that are central to spiritual and moral lives … The Saint John’s Bible will serve as an instrument for the university in interfaith dialogue, a centerpiece of liturgies and a luminous icon at the spiritual center of campus life.”

Fr. Robert Neihoff, SJ
President, John Carroll University

Universities and Colleges

For educational institutions, the Heritage Edition offers a rare opportunity for students, faculty and independent scholars to have access to this monumental work of art. This important work will inspire and delight future generations. Particularly for Christian colleges and universities seeking ways to emphasize their unique identities, the Heritage Edition is a great expression of religious identity around which significant programming can be developed.

Museums and Libraries

Pages from The Saint John’s Bible have appeared alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Lindisfarne Bible, and numerous other ancient manuscripts. As a work of art, the Heritage Edition stands alone in exhibition, but is also well-combined with manuscripts of other periods. It’s hard to think of a contemporary manuscript with more significance than this one. It’s an important addition to any serious collection of sacred or book arts.

Churches, Monasteries and Sacred Spaces

The Heritage Edition is a living document of unequaled beauty. As such, individuals and foundations have found it an appropriate gift to churches. Most recently, receiving the Wisdom volume on behalf of the Diocese of Oakland, California, during a Vigil Mass at the newly dedicated Cathedral of Christ the Light, the Reverend Paul Minnihan said, “I believe the marriage of the cathedral and this bible is truly providential ... All of us in Oakland are overjoyed with this gift to our community.” As a tribute or gift, the Heritage Edition will contribute to the life of the church for generations.

Individuals and Collectors

The Heritage Edition will be a prized piece in private collections that focus on sacred manuscripts, Scripture, fine art books, Catholic or ecumenical art, calligraphy, illumination or related subjects. In time this rare edition will only gain in importance and value. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the original owner of an important achievement in the book arts and Scripture scholarship.

To learn more about the Heritage Program, please contact:

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Executive Director, Heritage Program
The Saint John's Bible
Saint John's University
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