“…the group I was part of audibly gasped when the [Heritage Edition] was opened to the beginning of Matthew, where the genealogy of Christ was depicted as a complex, densely-colored menorah with golden highlights. I found myself bending down to get a better feel for the rich surface of the page. ”

Gregory Wolfe,
Founder of Image, from his article on

Igniting the spiritual imagination is not confined to the creative phase of making The Saint John’s Bible. The following videos show how organizations around the world have found inspiring ways to share this Bible for 21st Century with their communities.

‪KSMQ's Off 90 "Saint John's Bible"‬‬‬
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Christmas at Wartburg
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The Saint John’s Bible at BTSR
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Christmas 2014 Christmas Greeting
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Video Tour of Gospels & Acts
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The Saint John’s Bible at St Mary’s University College