Heritage Edition

“When we placed the facsimile of The Saint John’s Bible side-by-side on a table in Cambridge with the great Bible of Bury St. Edmunds Abbey [c. 1135] and the even vaster Bible of Dover Priory [c. 1160], it hardly seemed to be a facsimile at all but a living manuscript, as heavy and as lovely to touch and feel as its medieval ancestors.”

Dr. Christopher de Hamel,
Fellow Librarian at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge

The Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible is a fine art reproduction of the original. Its creation has engaged the finest printing experts and binders to ensure faithful representation of the original manuscript. A world-class team of scribes, artists, and craftspeople have guided its development from the ink first touching the vellum to the creation of the Heritage Edition—each of which brilliantly maintains the awe-inspiring artistic intent of the original. Each of the 1,150 pages and 160 illuminations has been scrupulously compared to its original counterpart to guarantee accurate reproduction.

A new 16-page publication describing the seven volumes of the Heritage Edition is now available for viewing and download. Click here.