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The Saint John’s Bible becomes a part of your life, you become a part of history. In 200-300 years, people will still be talking about this magnificent work of art. Our Heritage Edition Bible will be a part of our legacy to our children.”

Jean Brunel
Subscriber of the Heritage Edition

Showcase and protect your investment with storage and display options designed especially for The Saint John’s Bible. These quality cabinets and stands are handcrafted by the Saint John’s Abbey Woodshop. For an overview of the history and quality workmanship of the monks’ woodworking enterprise, click here.

A PDF version of the Heritage Edition Displays brochure can be viewed by clicking here.

Deluxe Viewing Stand and Cabinet

The seven-drawer cabinet is made of quarter-sawn red oak with Welsh oak and ebony accents, reflections of the Minnesota and Wales collaboration. The sweeping curves of the framework and hexagonal knobs are architectural references to Saint John’s Abbey’s famous Bauhaus church built in 1960 by Marcel Breuer. Leather-lined drawer bottoms have finger recesses to assist in easily removing the volumes.

A support cradle beneath a hinged glass top makes it possible to display a single volume for the long term. The volumes, at 16” x 25” bound finished size, are best read at the standing height provided by this stand. The piece can be dissembled in three pieces for ease of transport.

Price: $24,000

Deluxe Viewing Stand

The Deluxe Viewing Stand is available separate from the storage cabinet and displays and protects a single volume. With a hinged glassed top and a support cradle, the viewing stand offers the best height to read a volume displayed under glass. This is an option that showcases one volume while the other volumes are handled and stored with care.

Price: $12,000

Storage Cabinet

This cabinet is made of the same quality materials and with the same features as the Deluxe Cabinet. The seven drawers are scaled to the size and heft of the individual volumes, with leather-lined drawer bottoms and finger recesses for easy retrieval. The cabinet is mounted on a simple base of red oak. (Display stand and storage cabinet can be purchased as a set.)

Price: $12,000

Display Stand

This stand is designed for smaller spaces or when it is desirable to provide more access to the volume, such as in liturgical or private residential settings. Made of quarter-sawn red oak, the display stand is designed to hold a single Heritage Edition volume. It retains the distinctive shape of the Deluxe Viewing Stand, but has a smaller footprint and an adjustable top so you can achieve the best viewing angle in your environment. (Display stand and storage cabinet can be purchased as a set.)

Price: $5,000

Related Information
  • Prices above include custom staining and crating. Shipping is extra.
  • Due to the popularity of Abbey Woodshop products and the high level of craftsmanship required for each of these pieces, please allow six to eight months for the Abbey Woodshop to craft your storage and/or display option.